A few weeks back my friend Kristian Skeie Photography introduced me to the work of Gmb Akash, a photojournalist who does amazing work shedding light on souls caught up in a terrible cycle of poverty.

His work is tremendously powerful and human, and generous. 25% of the sales on his book go directly to support the people who’s stories he tells.

It’s a beautiful book and an amazing reminder of how much I have to be grateful for and how lucky I am.

Story after story, it reminded me that I’m so lucky for things I couldn’t even imagine possible in my comfortable, safe and privileged life. No fear of a storm destroying my house, being sold into the sex trade, being attacked by a tiger, risking falling off a train because I’m too poor to buy a ticket, I’m riding on the roof or between the wagons… I have medical insurance and my kids don’t have to work in some god awful brick factory… and I will have a retirement plan (hopefully).

It was also touching to hear my son Hugo (10) comment on how “It’s so unfair what’s happening to these people”… “poor boy!”… “poor girl!”. In a society where extreme poverty has disappeared, he lives with little idea that this is a reality today.


I invite you to visit his website: http://www.gmb-akash.com/ and if this images touch you, like they did me, to consider ordering a copy too.