It’s no secret.

The image you put out into the world is really important.

It creates an immediate connection between you and your potential client in less than a second. This can be the difference between that person calling you or not.

Heroic Public Speakers?

Even if this is true for most businesses, it’s probably even more so for public speakers. If they don’t appear charismatic in pictures, it will be hard to sell a full speech. So when Michael & Amy Port asked me to come work with their Heroic Public Speaking trainees, I was over the moon!

Getting to work in new place and meet new people is always such an enriching experience, but I had no idea how awesome this was going to be!

Every single person was amazing! The ideas, energy, passion and kindness that infused the group blew my mind.

Learn to pose workshop & photos

We kicked off with a group workshop where they learnt:

  • the basics of body language in communication
  • why body language is important in pictures
  • how to pose for a picture in person and from the stage
  • to select the right picture for their website and social profile
  • how to convey energy and intention that supports their speech subject

I then got to work individually with some participants, creating different poses they could use to pose for pictures at conferences or working with other photographers in the future.

Some needed to appear serious, others funny. Some needed to look like authorities and others to be a good friend. And of course they all wanted to look really good.

I loved working with every single person, but I think the highlight of my week was to work with Lucille, a spirited lady with a unique insight on body language 🙂

If you’re interested in developing a speech or simply learning how to speak in public, there is no better training than Amy & Michael Port’s Heroic Public Speaking course.

Check out some of the awesome speech reels from this class on the Heroic Public Speaking website.


Want to learn to pose like a pro and select the right images for your brand?

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