Magnus Walker Porsche meet up

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to meet so many inspiring people! Yesterday I had the chance to photograph a Magnus Walker Porsche meet up at a private collection here in Switzerland, and was honored to meet the man himself.

Follow your gut feeling

A few months back I had stumbled upon his TEDxUCLA talk “follow your gut feeling” ( and was really excited to meet him in person. Humble, generous, laid back, kind and 100% authentic, it was really fun to talk about his TED experience and to meet the group he was travelling with.

A passion for Porsche cars?

Anyone who knows me well, knows that cars are really not my “thing”, but by spending time with people who are so passionate about them such as race driver Steve Zacchia gave me a new insight into a their world… and that is always really inspiring!


If you’re a Porsche fan too, you can follow Magnus on Instagram and on his blog