I hate myself in pictures… can you help?

The excuses I hear all the time... and my answers...

If you are here it’s probably that you are thinking “I hate myself in pictures!”… but something inside of you is still a little curious and longs to “look like that” in a picture!

So if you’re asking yourself “can I look good in pictures too?” my answer is YES!

Here are the top 6 excuses I hear ALL THE TIME!!!!

Excuse #1: I’m too fat!”

nno you are not, and even is you think you are (which you probably are not, but just say that because you aren’t built like an anorexic top-model and therefore think you are because that’s the unrealistic beauty image that you have been bombarded with for ever) so what?

Curvy is beautiful and you are just as entitled as any other person on this planet to feel amazing and celebrate yourself. Who says that beauty comes in one shape? Some of the most beautiful women I’ve photographed were very curvy. Seriously! beauty is what you have to offer the world not a number on your scale.

And you know what… I will teach you all the tricks to look super hot, no matter your body shape!

Excuse #2: I need to loose weight before I do this!”

ssee answer to excuse #1.

But… if you really do want to challenge yourself and loose weight, then book your Experience now. This will give you a timeline to stick to and help you achieve your goal. We are even happy to do a free before photo to keep as a memory of your achievement!

Excuse #3: I’m not sexy or beautiful.”

ggranted you may not be perfect and it really doesn’t matter if you’re sexy or not! Sexy ang beauty are more about an attitude that a physical attribute. Many studies show that the attractiveness of a woman has NOTHING to do with her physical traits, but mainly with her body language! And the good news is… I’m a Body Language trainer, so don’t worry… if sexy is what you want to achieve… I will coach you sexy even if you’re wearing a big sweater!

We all lead busy lives and most of us don’t have time to have perfect make-up and feel absolutely fabulous 24/7. Truth: most of us rarely do and have almost forgotten what that feels like, but that doesn’t mean this glamour woman isn’t still part of you, right?.

I have created my studio as a safe place for you to have fun and flaunt your glamorous and/or sensual side with no judgement. I will never ask you to do anything or wear anything you don’t feel comfortable with, and no one else than you (and my team) will ever see the images, unless you want them to.

What are you risking really, except to feel fabulous?

Excuse #4: I’m too old

eexcuse me, but I’m going to put my foot down here!!! Noooooo you’re not. There is no expiry date on beauty and having the right to celebrate being yourself!

We are obviously not going to celebrate ourselves in the same way at 20 as we are at 40 or 60, and I am very sensitive to making this experience glamorous, respectful and comfortable.

I will work with you to create images that are beautiful, fun and yes even sexy, no matter your birthdate.

Excuse #5: I’m not photogenic / I look horrible in photos

iif you’re talking about snapshots taken by your friends with their iPhone, or your uncle Bob with his big SLR camera, well then you’re probably right. The good news is that this has nothing to do with you, but all to do with the “photographer” and the equipment.

A good portrait takes work, skill and experience. Good posing, good make-up, good lighting, good equipment and a photographer who knows what they are doing. Do you think actresses and models would look any better than you do in a snapshot? If you still have doubts, just pick up one of the gossip magazines where they specialise in catching celebrities on normal days or read this article that is bound to make you giggle.

Also, do check out my before/after page for a sample of my work. None of those people are any different from you!

Excuse #6: I don’t know how to pose!

ii want to show you that you are just as gorgeous as any model, in any magazine and will coach you every step of the way. From outfit selection, through make-up, to posing & expression, you will be in good hands and don’t need to know any of this in advance.

So, what are you waiting for?

Everyone deserves a beautiful portrait of themselves!

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