Before & After

“I’m not photogenic!” I hear that one all the time…and it’s not true.

Portraits are not taken, they are made.

Do you still think that Angelina Jolie looks amazing on a selfie after getting out of bed? If like most people you know this is not true, then why do you still think you are not photogenic? You are! You just not know it yet.

All the people on my website are “normal” people… as in they are not professional models, but regular people with no or little experience in front of a camera.

Working with professional make-up artists, selecting the right wardrobe and coaching them through posing, I created images to show them in their best light and/or to put forward their more professional/glamorous/sexy/kick ass/bohemian side.

Retouching… yes, but…

YES… there is some retouching that goes into these photos, but not as much as you might think.

I DO clean up spots and marks, lighten up dark circles & lines, and soften the skin a bit.

I NEVER change my client’s shape, add boobs, remove centimetres around the waist or legs, or change any facial features… EVER. The whole objective of my work is to help people discover that the real “them” is beautiful, and I am against today’s over manipulated images being used as “standards” of beauty.


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